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Serving Las Vegas 
since 1996

Impact Sand & Gravel has been a leading aggregate supplier for the Las Vegas Valley for more than 2 decades.


We market and sell millions of tons of sand and gravel each year. 

We supply landscapers and architects with the only locally produced decorative rock.


We engineer and market the valley’s only custom soil blends.

Together with its sister companies, Impact Sand & Gravel employs experienced engineers, superintendents, production and operations managers, IT professionals, truck drivers and professional administrative staff.

Our history

Impact Sand & Gravel started in 1996 as a three-person gravel marketing company, selling aggregate material produced at a new quarry on Cactus Avenue. The company would eventually become the first of many to form the Impact Business Association.


The Impact Business Association is a group of surface mining, civil construction, and land development companies in the Las Vegas Valley all focused on a mission to positively impact our employees, customers, and community.


Its founders began with a dream of building an organization of which they could be proud. They wanted to have an organization whose primary focus was not money or market share, but instead being able to look back and know that they made a meaningful lasting difference in people’s lives. The Impact Mission was born from this dream.


MISSION: To positively impact people


At Impact Companies, we strive to truly live out our mission - to positively impact our employees, our customers, and our community - each and every day.


We've invested heavily in providing world-class benefits, offering unique education and self-help programs, and fostering a healthy work-place culture for the people who work here.


We have a 20+ year track record of providing top-notch products and services to our customers at a competitive price, with service that is shaped by our core values of integrity, efficiency, and safety. We also offer a partnership program to our customers that we use to share our unique systems and programs.


We have numerous outreach programs through which our employees have put in thousands of hours of volunteer work spanning from Las Vegas - all the way to Ecuador.

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Impacting our community 

Read more about the ways

we impact the community.

Meet our team

Bill Wadley 


Bill Wadley | Impact Companies CEO
Chris Tunley | General Manager of Impact Trucking

Chris Tunley

General Manager

Mark Wolnisty Headshot.jpeg

Mark Wolnisty

Assistant General Manager


Bill Mulligan

Senior Vice President


the environment 

Having a positive impact also applies to the environment.

It's why we recycle thousands of tons each year of construction and road debris that would otherwise go to landfills.

Or why we have the Las Vegas Valley's only local decorative rock quarry, cutting down on transport distances and reducing carbon emissions.

It's why we work with "" Organics to turn thousands of tons per year of the city's food waste into custom soil blends that help the valley's greenery thrive in the harsh desert climate.


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